I help my clients use photographs to share their personal brand, messages and stories.

How I got here …

Since 1998 I have had three careers. Firstly in research (biological sciences studying insects) then in the public service as an applied entomologist in agriculture and, most recently, in the private sector — a mixture of team performance consulting and adult education.

I developed my photography skills over this time, in the background of these careers. I have grown as a photographer providing images for families, small to medium businesses and covering events from small professional meets to conferences with 800 delegates.

I have a Diploma of Digital Photography and a Certificate of Portraiture from The Photography Institute. These were fantastic challenges.

As I made career transitions I relied on photographs to help me share my shifting identity, reinforce my messaging and tell my stories. The more professionals I met going through similar journeys the more I realised that I can help them with my photography too.





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