Hello. Im going to share my photography passions here … what are yours?

I am passionate about photography in all its forms. I do especially like photographing people and I have done so in the background of careers in biological science (entomology mainly), government and the private sector since 1998.

I am passionate about learning and helping others learn. I read widely (non-fiction) and I seek inspiration for photography all over the place. If you’d like to be pointed towards some resources please make contact, Im always happy to share great resources.

Lastly I mentor budding photographers. I help them with camera control, exposure (basic and advanced), lighting (natural and flash), people (photography!), still life, wildlife and processing (Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop).

My fees are $120 for 80 minutes or $275 for 3 hours anywhere in Canberra. A coffee to discuss your learning needs is on me.


james young

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