After a long time working in many types of photography I am comfortable calling myself a character photographer. I make pictures that capture the character of people and other things. I like capturing characters because characters have stories and still images are fantastic tools for portraying a characters stories. 

I can help you to tell your stories with photographs through:

  • Portraiture,
    • Your character through Headshots.
    • Your expertise and passions through Environmental Portraiture.
  • Event photography,
    • Photographic coverage of your events and performances.

How do we get things started? Two simple steps.

Firstly, please make an enquiry and I’ll contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs. Following this we can get a coffee (on me – obligation free) so that we can meet and finalise the details. Pricing is simple, please click here.  

Common questions

Q: Can I see some of your work? A. Yes, please View All Galleries

Q: Can I have some help choosing the look I want to portray in a portrait? A. Yes, please see James’ Journal – Coming Soon!

Q: What are the costs? A. Pricing is here.  I’m very happy to tailor quotes for specific needs.


Clients include individual professionals, volunteer organisations, not for profits, private sector organisations, small business and government … anyone who has a story to tell with photography.

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